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About Us

We're Chris and Tonya, living in Ontario, Canada, along with our two young kids, Jaxon, and Lilly.  At the beginning of 2023, we came up with the idea of F-Cubed, not just as a name, but as a constant reminder to stay focused on our "Why." Time has taught us some valuable lessons – we've learned to treat each day as a gift, understanding that we can't predict how many days we have left. That's why we decided on F-Cubed, to always keep our eyes on Family, Friends, and Financial Independence.

As we neared the end of 2022, I was determined to bring about a change as we welcomed the New Year. I started exploring online business options, wanting more time with our kids, including the freedom to walk them to school and back. I was a bit skeptical of the whole online business scene, but then one late night, I saw an ad that struck a chord. It was just two regular folks talking about their success with an online business. I decided to dive deeper, expecting to find a catch that would make me walk away. Surprisingly, I didn't find one. That's when I realized I had to discuss this with Tonya.

Between Christmas and New Year's, I gathered all the info and talked to Tonya. She wasn't initially on board, but she saw the excitement in me about how this online business could be the change we were seeking. So, hesitantly, she agreed, and we signed up on New Year's Eve – entering the New Year as new business owners.

 A few months down the line, an opportunity arose for me to jump into the business full-time. We weighed our options and decided to give it our all. In just 3 months, Tonya went from being skeptical to realizing the potential, just like I did when we started.

By late summer in 2023, we headed to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, for a convention of fellow business owners. More than 2000 people from 24 countries were there, and despite our diverse backgrounds, we all shared a common mindset. Our focus was on creating a ripple effect of positive change across the globe. Kind of like throwing a pebble in a lake and watching the ripples transform lives. Over time, those ripples come back to us, amplifying our impact.

We've found success in our business journey, and as our team grows, we're joined by people from around the world who share our focus on their own "Why." We lead Team F-Cubed with a servant leadership approach – helping others achieve their goals ultimately fulfills ours.


We were recently asked, "What legacy do you want to leave behind?" It didn't take long to answer. First, we want to raise our kids to be compassionate problem solvers, thinking about making the world better. Second, we want to provide them the same blessings we've received. Lastly, we're committed to helping as many people as possible improve their lives – especially those open to change. It's those individuals we want to connect, learn, and collaborate with.

Remember our favorite saying:


Take that step to learn more, and your future self will thank you.

Meet The Team

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Before this journey, I spent nearly two decades in private security and security system integrations. But now, I've found my stride in the online business world, enjoying the time freedom to be there for our kids. Starting F-Cubed allowed me to fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur.

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My background lies in the scientific research equipment field, a career spanning two decades. While I love my work, I'm equally enthusiastic about our online venture. My frequent travels for work don't hinder my involvement, thanks to the flexibility of our business.


One of the perks of our online business is how it's brought us closer. Instead of just watching TV, we now spend our evenings exchanging ideas and finding new ways to grow our business together. Tonya's skepticism has transformed into full-blown advocacy as she witnesses the positive changes it brings.


That's our story – from skepticism to success, all thanks to embracing change and staying focused on our "Why."

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